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#ThrowbackThursday First Person: Defending My (Life) Style

It’s the bogeyman under every woman’s bed. You know, the one that surfaces when it’s time for your mammogram or when your doctor calls with test results. A few years ago, my bogeyman turned into stark reality, as he crawled out through the dust bunnies, pushing aside my daughter’s missing slipper and we squared off,... Read More »

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Semi-Naked and Unafraid! Thank You AnaOno

Summer used to be my favorite time of the year. Once the thermometer rose to a steady 65, like a snake, I’d shed my winter skin. Off came the parka, fleece cap, and waterproof gloves to reveal the T-shirt, shorts, and bathing-suit wearing girl that I really am. In the winter of 2007, I was... Read More »

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A Pinky Promise to #BeHealthiHer

I am sitting in the waiting room, scrolling through my phone, my anxiety rising. It is an hour after my appointment time and the doctor is running late. For a busy wife, mom, entrepreneur and cancer survivor, this is not good news. Thankfully, I am not here for the results of a cancer-related scan or... Read More »

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From Bald to Beautiful Tresses – The Cancer Thriver’s Guide to Hair Regrowth

The number one thought on most women’s minds during and after chemo is how and when will my hair grow back. We can’t wait for the day to come and yet as soon as those hairs start to sprout, we encounter a host of new challenges. Having the tools and the knowledge to navigate the... Read More »

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The Big Chill:Tips to Stay Safe and Warm During Winter Cancer Recovery

Winter has blown in with a vengeance and the thought of going outside is chilling! It would be ideal if we could hibernate like bears and wake up with the first warm breeze of spring! Staying indoors is not an option for women caught up in the rigid schedule of the cancer world; radiation, chemotherapy, surgery,... Read More »

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What’s Next? Greg Pierce (3x Cancer Survivor) Provides Answers At WhatNext.com

My own experience with cancer started 29 years ago. I went to the doctor, not for anything “cancerous”, I went to find out why I had all this crud in my throat and was coughing all the time. Turns out that was simply allergies. But, while there, the doctor did a simple exam of my... Read More »

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