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Heads Up! With Becka

Hi again! If you are like me, sans hair, then this cold, dry, weather can wreak havoc on your skin and especially your scalp. Keeping your scalp healthy means giving it some special TLC, tender loving care. Here are a few of my personal tips to keep your skin and scalp feeling (and looking) great.... Read More »

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Heads Up! with Becka

Hey everyone!  I’m Becka, CBG’s newest intern!  I’m not a survivor, but I’ve struggled for my entire life with hair loss.  I have alopecia totalis, to put it simply, my head hair doesn’t grow. I am new to the Cancer Be Glammed world, and I’m making it my mission to learn as much as I... Read More »

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Want to Win One of Our Top 5 Holiday Gifts? Here’s How!

Picture yourself relaxing with a soothing, warm neck wrap. Imagine heading to chemo in a stylish adaptive shirt with easy port access. Interested in trading your old cardigan for a fashionable wrap with a matching head scarf? Then you will want to enter Cancer Be Glammed’s holiday gift giveaway contest! We will be giving away... Read More »

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Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Women Coping With Cancer in 2018

The sleep-less nights have begun! The tossing and turning as your restless mind struggles to come up with the perfect holiday gifts. We can’t tell you what to get for dear old dad but we can recommend five great gifts for women coping with cancer this season.

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When Losing Is Winning – Thank You AONN and Conquer Magazine

I am not an oncology nurse. I am not a patient navigator. I am a student from the cancer school of hard knocks. The entry exam starts with a diagnosis and if you are lucky, you graduate a survivor. In my case, my experience compelled me to become a patient advocate. Like many people, advocacy... Read More »

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Fabulously Fighting

At the age of twenty-seven with a brand-new baby and feeling as if my life was falling into place, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was damaging my organs. I had a very difficult pregnancy and labor and the Lupus diagnosis answered many questions we had about why. Part of the course of... Read More »

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