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Defining Yoga

wendy kramer yoga 2

A doctor recently said to me, “I recommend yoga to my patients all the time; what is it?” Yoga classes have become popular and are offered at many exercise venues. “Yoga” can mean anything from a relaxing, spiritual movement and meditation experience led by a highly trained teacher to a physically demanding workout led by […]

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Post Ostomy Styles: Comfy To Fashionable

post ostomy style

One of the many challenging aspects of life after ostomy surgery is finding comfortable clothing to wear. For many of us, this is our first serious surgery and we are trying to adjust to life with an ostomy. Whether you weigh the same, lost weight, or gained weight, here are some tips that can get […]

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The CBG Nail Salon: Mani-Pedi’s During Chemo & Radiation

Mani Pedi

O.K. I am about to confess a guilty pleasure of mine, a mani-pedi. I am not fussy about where it is done or who does it. I am happy at a professional nail salon or at home having a spa day with my teenage daughters. I feel more put together, large and in charge, when […]

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Cancer Be Glammed’s Top Ten Gifts!

Top Ten Gifts

Gift giving can be stressful at the best of times. Finding just the “right” gift can be even more challenging when shopping for someone recovering from cancer treatment or surgery. Fear not – here are ten thoughtful gift ideas that your special someone will enjoy and appreciate. Scarves: Beautiful, fashion scarves easily add color and […]

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Tips To Outsmart “Chemo Brain”

Beating Chemo Brain

It’s an unhappy fact; "chemo brain" is real and it’s a pain. If you’re used to multi-tasking at work and home, and you’re the go-to person for upcoming events, activities and information, that may have to change. Chemotherapy is likely to impact your ability to recall everyday information and concentrate on specific tasks. Using planners […]

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Winter Outerwear: The Bare Necessities

Winter Outerwear

Winter is in full force and the thought of going outside sends chills down my spine. If I could, I would hibernate like a bear and wake up with the first warm breeze of spring. Sadly, since this is not an option, I try to dress for winter success. For me that means staying warm, […]

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