Heads Up! with Becka

Hey everyone!  I’m Becka, CBG’s newest intern!  I’m not a survivor, but I’ve struggled for my entire life with hair loss.  I have alopecia totalis, to put it simply, my head hair doesn’t grow. I am new to the Cancer Be Glammed world, and I’m making it my mission to learn as much as I can about the awesome products that are available for woman going through treatment and recovery.  In fact, I will be sharing my journey with you!

The first company that I want to tell you about is Chemo Beanies. Chemo Beanies are ideal for an instant, stylish, and soft cover up. In comparison to regular beanies and hats, that I find become itchy, Chemo Beanies do not irritate my sensitive scalp.  CBG’s offices can get kinda chilly, (it is winter and we are in Pittsburgh after all!) and once I put this fashionable Chemo Beanie on, my head felt better and I loved the look!  

Chemo Beanies are available in many colors, patterns, and fabrics, including ruffles, prints, and all-natural bamboo fabric.  Bonus: I love their motto: “Courage is Always in Fashion”.  For more head covering suggestions and scarf tying tips, check out CancerBeGlammed.com!  Peace out, Becka!