Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Women Coping With Cancer in 2018

The sleep-less nights have begun! The tossing and turning as your restless mind struggles to come up with the perfect holiday gifts. We can’t tell you what to get for dear old dad but we can recommend five great gifts for women coping with cancer this season.

The Personal Touch

Pamper your special someone with a totebag or basket overflowing with thoughtful gifts. CareGifting offers unique recovery items like heated shawls, comforting blankets, buckwheat pillows, and soothing all-natural creams for treatment-sensitive skin. Purchase a preselected gift collection or be inventive and create your own.

Catch You On The Rebound

Reboundwear looks and feels like athletic clothes but they are cleverly designed to be adaptable and port-accessible. Stylish yet versatile, the pants and tops contain strategic zippers and panels to make dressing easier and pain-free! Reboundwear is ideal for post-surgery recovery, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and treatment. Zip on–Zip off! (Nice!)

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Naughty yet Nice Ostomy Lingerie

Spice up the holidays with a gift of lingerie, ostomy-style. C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers offers beautiful lingerie for ostomates. Don’t close the box without adding a few of their unique ostomy pouch covers that range from stylish to funny. Our favorite pouch reads, “My other bag is Gucci!” (Love that!)

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Top it Off

Hair loss is one of the most challenging side effects of cancer treatment and Chemo Beanies are a fashionable, fabulous solution. Designed to be worn everywhere, these unique head coverings slip on and off easily and are available in an eye-catching array of styles, colors and patterns.

Holidays are all about family and Chemo Beanies is a family business. We love their motto too, “Courage is always in fashion!”

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Wrap it up!

Chemotherapy treatment can cause fluctuating body temperatures. Wraps, ponchos, and pashminas provide a stylish alternative to that traditional holiday sweater. Easy to take on and off, they won’t interfere with ports or infusions. Wrapped In Love features gift sets with coordinated headscarves, comfy statement socks, and even matching blankets. One of the nicest features of a great wrap is that it can be enjoyed long after treatment is done!

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