Cancer Be Glammed’s “Naughty & Nice” Top 10 Holiday Gifts

At Cancer Be Glammed, one of the questions that we get asked the most is, “What’s a good gift for someone diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment?” During the holidays, the pressure to find an appropriate, enjoyable gift for a woman coping with cancer, can be even more stressful. To take the guesswork and legwork out of holiday gift-giving, here is our Top 10 annual list of “Naughty & Nice” gift recommendations.

The Naughty List: Gifts to Avoid

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can cause a host of side effects. While each person reacts differently, many women experience problems with smell, taste, nausea, and skin sensitivity. As a result, its’ best to avoid the following gifts.

On our naughty list are perfumes, fragrant skincare products and candles, candy, sweets, scratchy wool sweaters and scarves, and plants or flowers. Flowers and plants can contain harmful spores that could cause infection in women whose immunity is compromised.

While many of these presents are a staple of holiday gifting, there are still plenty of thoughtful items on our nice list. All are selected from our Cancer Be Glammed Gift Guide, including five favorites from companies founded by cancer survivors or their loved ones. We support survivor-entrepreneurs. We hope that you will spread this good cheer too!

Nice List: Gifts to Get

Pampering, Stylish, Cozy, and Entertaining

1. Bed Lounger: Full body comfort, adjustable, lightweight, doctor-designed lounge pillow

2. Softies: Soft and cozy sleepwear, robes, and pajamas. One of Oprah’s 2017 Favorite Things

3. Tea Forte: Beautiful tea sets, electric kettles, and soothing teas. Relax over a cuppa together.

4. Barefoot Dreams: Ultra-soft wraps, ponchos, robes, and throws, including one you can wear!

5. Amazon Alexa: From the new Echo Dot to the Echo Look, voice-activated news, entertainment, shopping, and more without having to leave the comfort of a bed or couch.

Survivor-Inspired Gifts

6. Wrapped in Love: Stylish fleece and cotton wraps, colorful kimonos, and matching head wear

7. Radiant Wrap: Designer gowns with matching carry bag. Ideal for breast cancer radiation.

8. C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers: Ostomy lingerie and pouch covers including holiday-specific styles

9. Just Don’t Send Flowers: Glam Totes with recovery gifts, lap desks, bed trays, games and more

The “Radiation STRONGER Lindi Pack” by Just Don’t Send Flowers

10. Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Cookbook: Create a holiday meal from Rebecca Katz’s nourishing recipes. Get the whole family in the kitchen or prepare a special dining experience just for the two of you.

If you are searching for the best gift of all, the most cherished one is priceless. It’s spending time together and creating new memories. You’ll find these great gift ideas for the holidays and year-round, in our Gift Guide. Our guide includes a direct link to each companies’ website where you can purchase the gifts that we recommended or find additional ones that you may love.

Happy holidays from all of us at Cancer Be Glammed!

As always, we wish you WELL.