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Lisa Lurie

Lisa Lurie

Hi, my name is Lisa Lurie, Co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed. Cancer Be Glammed was born from my own struggle to hang onto my confidence & self-esteem following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am passionate about providing women (with all forms of cancer) with easy access to great recovery products, style options and solutions. I found that looking better on the outside, helped me feel better on the inside.

Wendy Kramer

Wendy Kramer

Wendy Kramer is a mother of two daughters and a son. Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48, she underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and breast reconstruction. Shortly thereafter her daughter was diagnosed with primary mediastinal lymphoma. She was successfully treated and is in full remission. Wendy found meditation and yoga a wonderfully healing and supportive during her own illness and while caring for her child. She completed a 500- hour teaching certification and became a yoga instructor.

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Clean Hands

Price Of Admission – Clean Hands!

During my own chemo treatment and then again during my daughter’s chemo treatment, we insisted that every single person who entered the house had to wash his hands with antibacterial soap and water and dry with paper towels (and not in the kitchen sink!) It may sound a little crazy–we had a few uncomfortable moments […]

Nowhere Hair

Must-Read: Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader

Explaining hair loss to a young child can be a challenge. It is often hard for children to understand that even though you look different on the outside, you are still the same mother they know and love on [...]
Make Your Own Pop Up Book

Make a “Playdate” With Your Kids

Being a mom can be challenging at the best of times. Even more so when battling treatment side effects like extreme fatigue. During that time, it was important to me to keep cancer from consuming my family life and [...]