Veronica Brett Swimwear

In The Swim: Mastectomy Style

The first sign of summer following my double mastectomy filled me with dread. As happy as I was to say goodbye to winter snow, the thought of mastectomy swimwear made my blood run cold. I had just gotten used to wearing a mastectomy bra and breast forms and now I had to confront a new […]

The Cancer Couch

Informal and candid discussions with cancer survivors hosted by CBG Co-founder Lisa Lurie. No topic is off limits on The Cancer Couch. Watch other Episodes From the Cancer Couch Series

Welcome to Cancer Be Glammed TV

Cancer Be Glammed Television empowers women with all types of cancer to recover with dignity, self-esteem and style. CBG-TV is a one-of-a-kind, central resource that prepares women for the visible, appearance-related side effects of surgery and treatment, while featuring practical-yet-fashionable recovery products, expert advice, and lifestyle solutions. Watch other Episodes From BE STRONG & STYLE […]
the cancer poetry project

Words to Relate To: The Cancer Poetry Project

SECOND CHANCES(excerpt) by Tracy Rothschild Lynch Richmond, Virginia It isn’t enough to be handed your life, delicate as an encyclopedia page, for you to protect. You are expected to make something of it too. Craft it, fold it, bend it, shape it. Shape it up. You tell yourself that again, and again, and yet again. […]
courage unmasked

Courage Unmasked

Art encompasses enormous vision and Cookie Kerxton has created art with a most unlikely, and often loathed object, a radiation mask. Diagnosed with vocal cancer in 2008, Kerxton underwent 28 radiation treatments, which involved immobilizing her head with a porous mesh mask affixed to the table. It was during her treatment that she became aware […]
pink tutu project

The Tutu Project

A man in a pink tutu. Unexpected, revealing, a gift. For Bob Carey, it is a tribute to his wife Linda’s power, beauty, and spirit in the face of breast cancer. Eleven years ago Linda was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. A few years later, it re-occurred. Some husbands would head for the refrigerator, […]