A passion for bed fashion

If you think that bed jackets are old fashioned—then think again! This light-weight chenille bed jacket features a stylish hand-stitched ruffle and pocket. Following surgery or treatment, a soft, beautiful bed jacket is an ideal cover-up when entertaining family or friends from the comfort of your bed! Available in three colors To Shop

Silk Dreams

Silk pillowcases are gentle on scalps, thinning and newly growing hair. Silk is a natural fiber that helps maintain the oils in your hair or scalp and reduces friction. Sateen pillowcases provide a similar function and are often less expensive. Cuddle Down features both plus bedding that is cozy, inviting and cool (literally!) To Shop

Heal In Comfort

A favorite of Robin Roberts & Guiliana Rancic, the Heal In Comfort breast cancer recovery shirt will be a favorite of yours too! It’s ideal for women having a lumpectomy, mastectomy or reconstruction. This ultra-soft shirt is smartly designed with Velcro fasteners for easy-opening, is made from a moisture-absorbing fabric and has four large interior... Read More »

Drains in a purse? Yes!

Kova Bags are a unique, stylish and discreet way to manage drain bulbs. Designed like a purse, the interior contains three mesh pockets for drains or other medical devices. There’s also room for those all-important items like your cell phone and keys! Waterproof Kova Bags come in many colors and are machine washable. One of... Read More »