We toast the cancer survivors who could not find products they needed or wanted to help them recover from surgery or treatment, so they created their own.

We toast their family members and friends who have supported them, every step of the way.

We recognize all of them for turning a life challenge into an opportunity to help others. These are recovery solutions brought to you by caring, passionate, committed people.

They are truly inspiring.

Wrapped In Love

Wrapped in Love was inspired by my mom when she was in the hospital before she passed away.  It was Christmas Eve and she said she didn’t want to have any more visitors as she felt she looked too bad in her state of illness.  I felt helpless.  I decided to go home and make […]

Fashionable Radiation

Maria Lucas Breast Cancer Survivor Radiant Wrap Founder   The idea behind Radiant Wrap was to offer women an alternative patient gown to wear during radiation treatments to empower them to feel dignified and secure but mostly to feel beautiful during treatment and maintain their sense of style. December 2014 marked my four-year survivorship! When […]