Drain Management

Drains can be uncomfortable and very frustrating! Thankfully there are a variety of recovery products that camouflage drains and make dressing easier including camisoles, bras, shirts, sweatshirts, belts, pockets that stick-on and more.

    Designed by Breast Cancer survivor, Cherie Mathews, the Heal In Comfort Shirt eases recovery from upper body surgeries. Made from moisture absorbing material, this shirt is ultra soft for sensitive skin, closes with Velcro-like fasteners, and has inner pockets to manage and conceal drains.

    Healing Threads fuses fashion with function to produce garments that are practical yet dignified and fashionable. Versatile tops can be worn in the hospital instead of a gown; feature pockets for drains, and even let you prepare for treatments without having to disrobe. Additional items include a shirt for bone marrow or stem cell transplants and break-away pants.

    Breast Cancer survivor Carole Hunter designed these sweatshirts to help women get back on their feet as soon as they can. Her front opening sweatshirts are easy to put on, can accommodate up to eight drains, and can be worn without pockets after recovery.

    Stylish Kova Bags are a smart, fashionable solution for discreetly managing drain bulbs. Available in a variety of colors, Kova Bags have room for essential items like anti-naseau drops, lip balm and even that all-important cell phone. Love a product that does double duty—you can enjoy this bag long after the drains are gone.

    Masthead features comfy post surgical bras with front closures, including The Elizabeth Bra for drain management. Ideal for limited mobility. Stretchy camisoles, tank tops, and robes provide post op comfort. Masthead’s breast cancer totes, bags, and chemo packs filled with recovery essentials makes a great gift.

    Medebra is a unique post surgical bra support garment ideal for breast and chest (General Thoracic) surgery. It is designed to hold drains, and special straps can accommodate ports and chest catheters.

    Keep your safety pins in the box! Pink Pockets are peel and stick flannel pockets that hold drains from breast surgery and tummy tucks. Each pocket is large enough to hold two drains and can be removed from garments when drains are gone.

    Reboundwear’s stylish and versatile post surgical clothing makes dressing quick and painless! Strategic zipper openings at the shoulders, side seams and front allow easy access to the torso, neck, and shoulders. Inner pockets hold ports and drains. Perfect for limited arm mobility, post-op recovery, treatment and  physical therapy. Pants available.

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    Wrap yourself in The Brobe, a stylish, multi-tasking garment, ideal for post op mastectomy or reconstruction recovery. Pockets are built into the front-opening interior bra to hold lightweight breast forms or ice packs. Large inside pockets hold and conceal drains.

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