Cancer Be Glammed’s Holiday Top 10! Thoughtful Gifts for Women Coping With Cancer

One of the secrets to successful gift-giving is choosing presents that show real caring and thought. Finding a great gift for a woman recovering from cancer surgery or treatment may seem a bit more challenging but fear not! Here is Cancer Be Glammed’s annual holiday list with ten gift suggestions guaranteed to spread comfort and joy.

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Be Electric

Waiting for the doctor, undergoing treatment, or fatigue-fighting on the couch, an e-reader or tablet is the perfect companion. For a special touch, preload it with movies, books, games and music that you know she will enjoy.

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Better in Bed

R&R (Resting & Recovering) is a must for a woman coping with cancer. Help her relax in comfort with a bed lounger pillow complete with side arms and headrest. Some even come with cup holders or side pockets for that all-important cell phone and remote!

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Passion For Bed Fashion

Bed jackets are back! That’s good news for women who spend time resting and recovering in bed. Stylish and warm, they are easy to slip on when unexpected company comes to call at home or in the hospital.

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A Family Affair

This season create a holiday pajama party for the whole family. Required attire? Matching PJs for mom, dad, the kids and yes, even the dog! Get the hot chocolate ready and let the fun begin. Available in holiday themes too!

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Blanket the Season with Warmth

There’s everything to love about a soft, cozy throw blanket. From faux fur and warm fleece to ones made from breathable cotton, throws are a recovery must-have. They are ideal for restorative naps and help to add a welcome touch of home during hospital stays.

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Wrap it Up

Infusions, certain types of medication and treatment-induced menopause can create havoc with a woman’s body temperature. Alternating quickly between hot and cold is exhausting and frustrating! Our solution, a fashionable lightweight shawl, poncho or wrap. Pockets are a plus!

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Totally Totes

Chemotherapy is stressful (now there’s an understatement!) At Cancer Be Glammed we recommend that women keep a tote bag pre-packed with their favorite chemo comforts at the ready. Add a special touch by filling the tote with chemo necessities and niceties. For suggestions, take a sneak peek inside our chemo bag at Cancer Be Glammed.

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Tune In

Head coverings like beanies are a winter-wardrobe essential for women coping with hair loss or thinning. Instead of a traditional wool beanie, opt for one that not only provides warmth but can also play music and answer calls! Specially designed with Bluetooth built-in, these unique caps will have her singing your praises.

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One Lump or Two?

There’s nothing like an aromatic, soothing cup of tea. For women undergoing treatment certain varieties can help with side effects like nausea, stomach upset and even metallic taste. Turn tea time into her special “me-time” with a beautiful steeping, infuser cup and a gift box of festive holiday teas.

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Om for the Holidays

During cancer recovery, yoga has been shown to help women feel better, reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality and enhance well-being. Gift her with an all-in-one yoga set. Most include a mat, blocks, strap, towel and carrying bag. She will thank you! Namaste.

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For more thoughtful gift ideas that a woman coping with cancer will love-check out our Gift Guide.  As always, the best gift is you! Spending time together is precious and priceless.


As always, we wish you WELL!


Gifting is a special holiday tradition as are family gatherings, feasting, and merriment. For women coping with cancer- fatigue, stress, digestive concerns, and treatment issues can make the holidays seem overwhelming. We’ve created a Cancer Be Glammed Holiday Survival Guide to make the season less stressful and more enjoyable for her, your family and you!

Cancer Be Glammed’s Holiday Survival Guide