Cancer Hair-Loss: 6 Tips to Make Head Scarves Your Go-To Fashion This Fall

Fall is finally here!

As the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, and the smell of pumpkin spice permeates the air, it’s time to breakout the fall fashions. If you’re a style watcher, this year means sweaters with fringe (yes, fringe is in!), lots of check patterns, and winter florals. Knit hats and beanies with fun designs are still a fashion favorite as are simple and colorful headscarves — just ask Gucci! Headscarves are also a must-have for women coping with cancer-related hair loss. A headscarf is the easiest way to protect your scalp, while showcasing your beautiful face and personal style. Here are 6 tips to make headscarves your go-to fashion this fall:

1. Make it Count!

One great headscarf can be worn many ways. Check out this Cancer Be Glammed video demonstrating how to tie 6 headscarf styles in 5 easy steps!  

2. Experiment with Colors and Patterns!

Fall is home to some of the most beautiful, nature-inspired colors. Let the season lead you down a path of experimentation with the colors and patterns of the earth. Flourish in the reds, golds, and emeralds. Switch out your brights and florals for leaves and vines. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to make a bold choice and elevate your headscarf to the centerpiece of your outfit.

3. Size Matters!

Whether you’re browsing the boutiques or shopping online, be aware that size can make or break a good headscarf. To help you on your search for a new scarf, follow this rule of thumb: any square scarf 35” x 35” or larger can be tied into a head scarf. Happy hunting!

4. Feel the Fabric!

When shopping for your new Fall find, don’t be afraid to give it a feel, check the tag, and discover what your new scarf is made of. Head scarves made from light, thin fabrics like linen, jersey, and cotton knot better and hold securely. While silk and satin are stylish, they are also slippery.

5. Pad it Up!

While headscarves are versatile, protect your head, and keep your look fresh,  accessories can be used to make them even more comfy and practical. For example, cotton scarf pads add height underneath your scarf to create a more natural appearance, and they also absorb sweat and prevent scarves from slipping.

5. Create Your Own Signature Look!

The most important part of rocking any headscarf this Fall is not just to feel beautiful, but to feel undeniably you. Experiment with and accessorize old or new scarves to find the look that sets you apart from the crowd, or just makes you feel great in your own skin. When you find that signature look, show us on social media using the hashtag #NewHeadScarfNewMe.