Diane Von Furstenberg

CBG’s Designer Favorites – Diane Von Furstenberg

One of the undisputed darlings of the fashion industry is a cancer survivor herself, Diane Von Furstenberg. Von Furstenberg’s mantra is, "Be the woman you want to be." That’s not always easy when it comes to coping with treatment side effects like weight gain or loss. But personal style like fashion is constantly being re-interpreted. This season, we recommend taking a page from Diane Von Furstenberg’s stylebook.

In 1974 she created a wrap dress that came to symbolize, "power and independence for women all over America." (Who doesn’t love that!) The wrap dress is a great style solution for all body types. Choose one that skims your shape, and wrap and tie the belt gently without pulling the body of the dress too tight. Pair it with vintage or modern jewelry, whatever suits your style.

Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses

Fashionistas describe this dress as timeless, elegant and sophisticated. That’s what everyone will say about you.

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