Drains Be Gone

Drains be Gone!

If you are going to have breast surgery like a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction, or chest surgery, ask your doctor if you will require drains post surgery to remove excess fluid.

Many women go home from the hospital with drain tubes & bulbs.

One of the trickiest parts of dealing with drains is how to disguise them under clothes and to feel comfortable that they are secure. A great solution is a camisole with drain management built-in. These camisoles come with drain pouches that velcro to the inside of the camisole for comfort and easy removal. Once the drains are gone, (Oh happy day!) the camsiole can be worn for leisure or during radiation. And if you have had a mastectomy, they also come with fiberfill breast forms. Another "good to know" product is a drain belt. Designed to be worn under clothes, this stretchy belt velcros to fit and has two drain pockets that are removable. This belt can be worn above or below your waist. Drains are a drain (we know) but hopefully these products will keep your spirits from plunging. (sorry)

The “Recovery Robe” image is taken from thebrobe.com

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