Fall Trends For Recovering Fashionistas


Fall is here. Even as I admire the beautiful leaves, inhale the crisp delicious air, and enjoy a walk with my dog Sam—I am cold! The kind of any minute my nose might start to run-type of cold. I am not ready to breakdown and breakout my winter clothes yet, but I have to concede that summer is Really. Truly. Over. (sigh) and it’s time to embrace fall fashions.

I recovered from chemotherapy during the fall months. I learned that the key to dressing stylish was to mix-n-match the current fashions to suit my needs. In my case, I desired warmth, comfort, a slimmer profile, and soft coverage of my hairless head.

Here is a list of fall fashions that are trending this season. Many of these are good options for women recovering from surgery, chemo, or radiation.

Vests are a great way to add style and warmth, and they are not heavy to wear.

• For a slimmer profile: Choose a down vest that is compact and easy to layer. Puffy vests are bulkier and can add the appearance of weight to a smaller frame.

Fashion Scarves:
Warmth aside–scarves are the easiest way to express your style and change-up an outfit. Try different fabrics like wool and cashmere and tying styles to add variety.

Long Sweaters:
OK. Long cardigan sweaters were a trend in 2014 and there is some debate about whether they are still a trend. I vote yes!

Beanies are worn with almost everything today from gowns and dresses to casual attire. Wear different ones to accessorize your look.

• Choose fabrics that are soft against head, neck, and scalp
• Use a liner for added warmth and height; a hat filler adds height too
• Choose hues and colors that flatter your skin

Socks are functional and fashionable. Opt for ones that make their own fashion statements.

These are some of the fall favorites trending in Cancer Be Glammed’s closet this year. Tell us what’s in yours.


Blog Photo Credit: Bench