Lisa Getting Better With Age

Getting Better With Age

This April marks the fourth anniversary of my treatment for Breast Cancer. As I sat in my chair receiving chemo my outlook on the world was small. My concerns were narrow in focus and immediate. They mainly dealt with the day-to-day, even the moment to moment, centering around how I would feel, how my family would cope and most of all constantly worrying the question- would I be well?

At the time, I could never have predicted how my life would look and feel one year out, let alone four. I could never have predicted that I would have such energy, passion and fun again. Or that an idea I had about helping other women deal with cancer, hashed out over my kitchen table with a close friend would become Cancer Be Glammed.

Cancer Be Glammed is now eighteen months old and like me, is getting better with age and experience. Our world started out focused and small but now has become quite large. We hope it will continue to grow even larger as we expand our community of women sharing and exchanging their advise with other women on how to recover in comfort and style.

Like an ever changing child, we have updated our website. We now have a new look, better shopping resources like "survivor inspired" style and product solutions, and have added new features like a Personal Concierge Service. Our Personal Concierge will help select the best products for a specific surgery or treatment or recommend the ideal gift.

Two years ago I crossed over the "Fifty"-yard line. Where once I dreaded that milestone, now I welcome each birthday with giddy glee. My chin sags, and my breasts are non-existent (let’s not even go there!) but I choose to believe that old commercial, "You’re not getting old–you’re getting better!"

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