Heads Up! With Becka

Hi again! If you are like me, sans hair, then this cold, dry, weather can wreak havoc on your skin and especially your scalp. Keeping your scalp healthy means giving it some special TLC, tender loving care. Here are a few of my personal tips to keep your skin and scalp feeling (and looking) great.

Pull out your shampoo! Your hair is not the only thing that benefits from a good shampooing. Shampoo is much less drying than regular soap or body wash, and helps to remove unwanted dirt and oils. Choose a shampoo that is extremely gentle and fragrance-free.

Also, taking a super long and hot shower may feel great in the short term, but all that heat can really dry out your skin. Take a slightly cooler and shorter shower to avoid all the itchy dryness that follows.

Go fragrance-free! I love scented soaps and detergents, but they often have added chemicals that can irritate or dry-out skin. Chemotherapy and radiation can make skin ultra-sensitive. For now, opt for fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products. They will do the job just as well. You’ll still be clean and beautiful, just less itchy.

Moisturize and repeat! Seriously, you can’t do this enough. I personally love the skincare products designed for people with diabetes, as they are often thicker. Choose soothing, rich creams over thin lotions. The perfect time to moisturize and hydrate your skin and scalp is immediately following your shower when your pores are more receptive.

One size may not fit all! Think about your skin type when choosing a moisturizer or moisturizers. l have two types of moisturizers, one for my body and hands, and a different, lighter one for my face and scalp. This works well if your tend to have breakouts and if you’re prone to oily skin.

Hope these tips will help keep your skin and scalp feeling healthy and beautiful.  Peace out, Becka!