South African Adventure

HERE & NOW LIST – South African Adventure (Item #3)

I have never been a fan of the term “bucket list.” I began to like it even less when I was staring down my cancer diagnosis. During the long days of treatment though, at times it was impossible not to think about what you wished you had done before cancer reared its ugly head.

My husband Brian grew up in South Africa. We had always talked about taking our two daughters to his birthplace. We wanted to visit relatives, introduce the girls to his childhood friends, explore the beautiful scenery of Cape Town, and go on a Safari.

As I lay in my bed following chemo, challenged by the thought of walking from the bedroom to the downstairs couch (too much effort), the dream of South Africa was buried down deep–too far from my daily reality.

Over four years have passed since I was treated for breast cancer. I still confront physical reminders daily like Lymphedema in my right arm, and hot flashes from treatment induced early menopause. I continue to struggle with trying to loose the weight I gained from the chemotherapy drugs and to cope with my double mastectomy.

lisa with her passport

BUT–very soon my family and I will board a plane for South Africa. As each item goes into my suitcase, I am so Grateful. Excited. Thrilled! My family and I will be celebrating Item #3 on what I call my “HERE & NOW” List. The list of everything I will do now, while I am here in this moment, feeling well.

I won’t be taking my computer with me. No blogs, tweets, facebook or phone. It’s sacred family time. But I will have lots to show & tell when I return after the New Year. New products, style solutions, and helpful advice for recovery and beyond.

So as many South Africans say, “Totsiens! Sien Jou later.” (Goodbye-See You Later!) Happy Holidays from Cancer Be Glammed! And as always, I wish you WELL.

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