Beating Chemo Brain

Tips To Outsmart “Chemo Brain”

It’s an unhappy fact; "chemo brain" is real and it’s a pain. If you’re used to multi-tasking at work and home, and you’re the go-to person for upcoming events, activities and information, that may have to change. Chemotherapy is likely to impact your ability to recall everyday information and concentrate on specific tasks.

Using planners and organizers, whether paper or electronic, is going to be essential to staying on top of tasks. The freeform writing space allows you to create old-fashioned lists or creative diagrams! Let your imagination run wild!

The Folio in Symphony offers an eye-catching cover and large inside pockets. Use the pockets for medical records, insurance forms and special notes from special people in your life. For Type A personalities, the Keeping It Together Gift Set offers structure and precision. A binder, stickers and pockets help you stay on time with birthday parties, special occasions and gift lists.

Chemo brain presents an extra tricky challenge for the already overloaded woman. Aside from using handy helpers like the Folio and stationary set, try to keep to a routine to minimize memory lapses. Follow the basic healthy lifestyle essentials, including eating the recommended amount of vegetables and getting as much rest as you can. Above all, ask for help when you need it.

Staying organized certainly helps you cross items off your to-do list. But if your list is all about doing for others, it’s time to refocus. Use these tools to prioritize the truly essential tasks and make sure you schedule time to take care of yourself.

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