Britta Aragon

When Cancer Hits

"Cancer will bring about a change, but the nature of the change is up to you."
-Britta Aragon

Cancer is hard at any age, but Britta Aragon was only 16 when she received her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease. She emerged from treatment healthy, confident and lovely, but knew she was not the same person she was prior to her battle with cancer. Aragon’s new book, When Cancer Hits helps people deal with the often heart-breaking side effects of treatment and offers suggestions on how they can maintain control over their own appearance and self-worth.

When Cancer Hits

Following my own treatment for breast cancer, I was motivated by similar goals to Co-found Cancer Be Glammed. I too, was unprepared for the side effects of surgery and treatment and like Aragon, found it hard to hang onto my "sense of self’ when the sand was constantly shifting under my feet.

Aragon articulates it best when she says, "We don’t want to be ‘cancer patients.’ We want to be who we are."

When Cancer Hits is a complete guide to helping people undergoing treatment cope with side effects, stress, recovery and day-to-day living. This book offers advise on how to sustain positive energy, encourage nutrition and more.

I appreciate that Aragon values recovery "body and soul" and empowers people to be active and involved in their own healing.

Throughout the book, she offers helpful quizzes and worksheets to help readers assess where they stand in terms of their concerns about their appearance, their confidence, their worries, and their inner self.

This call for self-care continues even after treatments are done. As for me I’ve learned to slow down, listen to my body more and have even learned how to do a downward dog!

Britta Aragon is a natural beauty expert as well as an author. She is the Founder of Cinco Vidas. Her company provides safe, non-toxic product solutions for skin compromised by treatment and problems like eczema. For more information visit Cinco Vidas.

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