And The Winner Is

And the Winner is….

Today is an exciting day for Cancer Be Glammed. We are announcing the winners of our first Mother’s Day Contest, Mom’s Got Glam! Drum roll please-

The winner of the Judges’ Award is Jessica Ramsey-Lapointe for her entry A Wig Of Hope And Glam.

Fashion Designer Susan Farber and I chose Jessica’s entry because it touched us in so many ways. Struggling to maintain your identity and self-esteem is very hard while coping with the physical reality of cancer treatment.

Choosing to wear a wig to combat hair loss is not unique. Many women make that choice. But that’s what style is all about, CHOICE. Finding, wearing and enjoying what works for you.

We could clearly hear the love and compassion in Jessica’s voice for her mother. For Jessica’s mom, that is a real Mother’s Day gift.

The winner of The Peoples Prize for most votes goes to Leticia Croft-Holguin for her entry Be Glam!

Leticia’s entry garnered the most votes and had enthusiastic support as witnessed on our Cancer Be Glammed Facebook page. Leticia offered some excellent style solutions. One of our favorites being humor and her comments about her "reconstruction and angry eyebrows."

All the entries were great. We need to keep sharing with each other our own style solutions and ways to "feel the glam" through a very glam-less time of life.

Whether it’s the beauty re-found from a simple wig to the amazing, stand tall, celebrate life attitude of Elissa Ashwood in her submission, Beat Treatment Blues With Thirty-Three Dresses; one thing is clear, we don’t want to let cancer steal our self-esteem and keep us from expressing who we are.

We can’t thank enough every person who entered, tweeted, face booked, and more to help us spread the word about our Mother’s Day Contest. Mom’s Got Glam! Yes we do. Happy Mother’s Day!

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