Ellen Weiss Kander Retires

Cancer Be Glammed Co-Founder Ellen Weiss Kander Retires

Cancer Be Glammed, LLC announced today that President and Co-Founder Ellen Weiss Kander has retired. Her business partner Lisa Lurie, CEO and co-founder, assumes control of the company, and will continue growing Cancer Be Glammed, founded by the pair as a result of Ms. Lurie’s 2008 diagnosis and subsequent treatment and recovery from breast cancer.

"I’ll miss the passion, collaborative spirit, style, and vision Ellen brought to Cancer Be Glammed," said Lurie. "So much of our success can be attributed to the strong foundation Ellen helped create. Her commitment to helping women maintain their self esteem during cancer recovery is a legacy we can all be proud of."

About Cancer Be Glammed: Cancer Be Glammed, LLC was founded by Lisa Lurie, a breast cancer survivor and Ellen Weiss Kander, who underwent chemotherapy for a rare blood disorder. They believe cancer can be survived in comfort and style, and that wearing and using fashionable, comfortable and soothing products during treatment and recovery can have significant, positive impact on a woman’s mental and physical outlook. Their web site, CancerBeGlammed.com, is an online shopping resource, connecting women to stylish items from post-operative necessities, to fashion solutions, pampering products, unique gifts and more. Their free Style Guide, complete with Shopping Checklist, is downloadable on the site, and Give A Glam!, their charitable giveback, donates a portion of the profits to cancer support organizations. For more information, visit cancerbeglammed.com or follow our updates on Facebook

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