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New Web Portal Features Practical, Stylish Products and Encourages Women to Share Personal Tips, Product Advice; "Give a Glam!" Donates Portion of Profits to Cancer Support Organizations

Cancer definitely isn’t pretty, but recovery can be, according to Lisa Lurie and Ellen Weiss Kander, co-founders of the newly launched online service Born from their own illnesses and recovery, they believe cancer can be survived in comfort and style, and that a little "glam" on the outside goes a long way towards helping women feel better on the inside.

Knowing that finding items women will need to help them recover in comfort and style (and where to buy them) is challenging, Lurie and Kander launched to provide women with convenient online access to stylish, post-operative necessities and niceties, fashion finds, pampering products, gifts and more. Additionally, their blog encourages women to exchange their own style tips and must-have items, while through the Give a Glam! Program, they will donate five percent of their proceeds to non-profit cancer support organizations. The inaugural beneficiary is Gilda’s Club of Western Pennsylvania.

Cancer Be Glammed’s Style Guide called "What The Doctor Didn’t Order," written by Lurie and Kander, offers fashion and style solutions to counter the side effects of cancer treatment. Their "Recover In Style" Checklist highlights the items women will need or appreciate during recovery, and both are downloadable from the site for free. Also included on the site is a wide variety of links to cancer related resources and organizations.

"Cancer can be soul-destroying and makes you check your vanity at the door," said Lurie, 50, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 47, followed by a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. "I had the three Bs – I was bald, breastless and bloated from steroids, with skin that looked like it needed a good pressing." Determined not to let cancer rob her of her self-esteem or style, Lurie sought out clothing and products that suited her new body. "It’s not about being vain; it’s about holding onto your sense-of-self as much as you can when the sand is constantly shifting under your feet."

Lurie turned to Kander for advice and help, because Kander, 49, had worked to maintain her own sense of style through chemo treatments for a rare blood disorder several years earlier. Lurie searched hundreds of Web sites as she recovered, while Kander hit the stores. Their goal was to find products that weren’t painfully unstylish or therapeutic-looking, and ones Lurie would want to wear even when she wasn’t sick. The search proved challenging, and they believed that if it was difficult for them to find these products, it was difficult for other women, as well – a fact which research and feedback confirmed. As a result, they launched as a central resource to share their hard-won, first-hand knowledge on stylish, yet practical clothing and other necessities and niceties, as well as pampering gifts for women in recovery.

To make items easy to find, guides women to a variety of carefully researched and hand-picked products from numerous online stores (which offer an even wider selection of products and price points). Items range from attractive post-surgery bras and camisoles, pajamas and other items made from wicking materials to combat hot flashes, beautiful head scarves, clothing and swimwear with sun protection built in, to gifts such as chemo totes and provisions, wellness and skin care. Special seasonal and holiday products will also be featured.

"There’s an intention behind every product on our site," said Kander. "We hope Cancer Be Glammed reduces some of the stress, fatigue and guesswork when it comes to finding stylish products and clothing, for even a small portion of the nearly 740,000 American women* expected to develop some type of cancer this year alone," she added. "We understand what it’s like to go through a scary diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery. We found it very reassuring to connect with others who could provide an insider’s perspective for getting through it, and we hope our site can be that resource for women all across the country."

The Web site is the first phase of what Lurie and Kander anticipate being a multi-faceted company. "We believe there are tremendous opportunities to help women with the non-medical, yet important aspects of treatment and recovery, and have identified many additional venues where we can connect and support them," added Lurie. "We’re very proud of this first step, and look forward to the evolution of the site, as well as the growth of our company."

About Cancer Be Glammed
Cancer Be Glammed, LLC was founded by Lisa Lurie and Ellen Weiss Kander after their own journeys through cancer and a rare blood disorder, respectively, then chemotherapy and recovery. It was born from the concept that cancer can be survived in comfort and style, and that wearing and using fashionable, comfortable and soothing products during treatment and recovery can have a significant and positive impact on a woman’s mental and physical outlook. The company’s premier offering,, is an online shopping service and guide, connecting women to stylish items from post-operative necessities and niceties, to fashion finds, pampering products, gifts and more. The site also hosts a blog for sharing tips and product advice, offers an extensive style guide and checklist of needed products, and will donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer support organizations. The goal is to alleviate some of the stress, fatigue and guesswork for women who are on their own road to recovery. For more information, visit

* American Cancer Society Facts and Figures 2010

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