Meet The Moms Got Glam Judges

Meet the Judges Mom’s Got Glam


Fine Jewelry Designers/Co-Founders — Debra | Jill

Debra Jill Founders

Jill Notowich and Debra Lazorov, grew up as best friends, became sister-in laws, and are now the founders of their own jewelry collection, Debra | Jill.

Their intricately designed jewelry reflects their genuine love of life, family, (each are the mother of three children), and friends. Their goal is to create jewelry that will make the wearer feel like it was especially hand-crafted for them.

Each piece from their versatile collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings makes a statement worn alone or mixed and matched. Made with materials like gold, silver, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones; care is taken that their jewelry should, “wear beautifully and feel wonderful.” Wearers include stars of CW’s Gossip Girl and Heart Of Dixie.

At Cancer Be Glammed, we often write about how jewelry is one of the best ways to counteract hair-loss, dress up an outfit, and just make you feel better. And–it’s the one gift that never gets too small or goes out of style! We are thrilled to have Debra and Jill as judges in our Mom’s Got Glam contest and thank them for contributing the Judges’ Prize, their “Every Day’s A Gift” Sterling Bracelet.

Debra Jill Bracelet


CEO/Co-Founder, Cancer Be Glammed

Lisa Lurie Headshot

Mother of two beautiful daughters, Lisa found it a challenge to dress well and find products that soothed her body and soul during surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Cancer Be Glammed was born from Lisa’s belief that women deserve to recover from surgery and treatment with confidence, self-esteem, and style. Cancer Be Glammed features a website,, which directs women to products and style solutions from surgery, and treatment, through recovery, and a gift selection for friends and family. In addition, the site offers a personal concierge service, a blog, and Style Guide.

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