Moms Got Glam Competition

Mom’s Got Glam Contest!

Here are some little known facts about the word GLAM. It was first used in 1963. It has many definitions including Webster’s Dictionary, which defines Glam as extremely showy, to its appearance in the slang dictionary as the short version of glamorous. Their example,"Hey-that is a glam prom dress!"

Clearly GLAM means different things to different people and as I found out going through cancer treatment, it is also impacted by the events in your life. Glam takes on new meaning when you are bald, breast-less, pale and exhausted!

At Cancer Be Glammed, we have found that for many women, while cancer does hammer away at their very core, the flame of desire to fight back by adding glam and style when and were they can, is never fully extinguished. And the best ideas and suggestions come from women sharing their first-hand advice and solutions with each other.

We have launched our Mother’s Day Contest-MOM’S GOT GLAM! where you can share your own personal style secrets or ones from your favorite mom. Then friends, family, and readers can vote for the entry they like best. Two winners will be selected; each one will win a great prize.

Fashion, Style, Secrets, Prizes, and Fun. "Hey- that is a GLAM contest!"

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