2013 Moms Got Glam Winners

Mom’s Got Glam Contest Winners 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Mother’s Day contest this year. And the winners are… (Drum Roll Please!)


The winner…or should we say winners are…

Becca B and Tory Zellick

Yes, that’s right. In an unprecedented move, we have two Judges’ Prize winners this year! Judges Debra Lazarov and Jill Notowic, fine jewelry designers and co-founders of Debra | Jill, felt that both of these women were winners and decided to gift each woman with their own "Each Day Is A Gift " ID Bracelet. Here are some of the reasons why Debra, Jill, and Lisa Lurie chose these entries.

Glamour Spritz by Becca B

Difficulty eating and coping with the side effect of metallic taste is a problem many women encounter during treatment. The Judges were impressed with the innovative and stylish way Becca B dealt with this problem.

3 Style Tips For Moms In Cancer Treatment by Tory Zellick

Tory Zellick helped her mother get her "diva on" during her cancer treatment. She shares three great style tips that the Judges felt would benefit other women and offered wise advise to children whose mom is dealing with cancer.

Both winners won a sterling silver ID bracelet from Debra | Jill that reads, "Each Day Is A Gift." (Thanks Debra | Jill!)

Debra Jill Bracelet


Strong Clothes… or rather Clothes To Give You Strength by Naomi Howard

It’s not surprising that Naomi Howard’s entry garnered the most votes. Her story about the clothes she wears to give her strength to face treatment is one that everyone can relate too. Her courage and her "strong clothes" are inspiring.

Naomi Howard won a Marina Sun Hat & Titanium Sun Umbrella from Coolibar. (Thanks Coolibar!)

2013 Glam Competition Prizes

Congratulations to our winners! Here’s their advice & tips.


Glamour Spritz

by Becca B

The most awful part of my treatment for Breast Cancer was the not being able to taste anything. Food all tasted like metal to me. I surprised the doctor by losing almost 40 pounds in four months because, as he told me, "most people gain wait on this regimen."

Through research, networking and clever reasoning (I am NOTHING if not modest!), I discovered that a quick sip or spritz of vinegar to my mouth before I ate anything at least gave me the chance of a faint taste of the food. My husband made up a plastic spritz bottle for me, which worked, but wasn’t "fit for company" if you know what I mean.

One day I saw a woman using a little portable perfume atomizer which she pulled from her purse. Silver with a glitz or two, it was PERFECT! I found one, filled it with vinegar and was ready for a date night out…

Unfortunately, this happened only a week or two before I finished my chemo, so hence the 40 pounds.

But I hereby gift my idea to anyone who needs it.

Blessings and health!

3 Style Tips For Moms In Cancer Treatment

By Tory Zellick

The loss of one’s hair, eyelashes and eyebrows due to chemotherapy can be overwhelming. I know my mother was never one to wear makeup prior to her cancer treatment, but after losing both her hair and her breasts, we needed to find something to help her feel "feminine." I was just eighteen at the time and a bit of a tomboy myself, so we set out together to find ways to make light of a not-so-happy situation and get our "diva" on.

Switch up the hair:

Prior to chemo, Mom had amazingly curly hair. Although everyone in the 80’s and 90’s were paying for perms to have curls such as hers, she always wanted something different. We always want what we don’t have, correct? After the ceremonial shaving of her head, we had the perfect canvas for a new head of hair. We set out on a wig-shopping extravaganza and came home with 4 completely different styles of wigs: a short red bob, shoulder length blond, a wavy brunette and a funky bright white bob. This allowed my mom to change up her style on any given day… and have fun with it.

Learn how to put make-up on properly:

Think about purchasing Mom a day package at a reputable spa that uses organic or chemical-free products. The esthetician can help Mom learn how to pick the appropriate shades of makeup and apply the makeup properly. Even if Mom "knew" how to apply make-up before treatment, completions and skin textures may have changed. Plus, why not switch it up with new shades and tones?

Include a nice facial or massage*, so Mom can start her new beauty regimen with clean pores and relaxed muscles. Just be sure to opt for chemical-free products throughout, so as not to add cancer-exacerbating toxins to Mom’s system!

*Side note: If Mom has had any lymph nodes removed, be sure to ask if there is a massage therapist certified in oncology massage.

Buy new earrings:

Even if Mom has a chest full of earrings, find some new, hip, dangling earrings to spice things up. I grew up in northern California, where the summer heat could surpass 100 degrees, which often left Mom not wanting to wear one of her awesome wigs. Exchanging the wig for dangling earring was enough to make her feel "less bald."

It is important to remember that Mom may not be feeling in tip-top shape. Change things up at a pace that is comfortable for her and be patient.

Do what you can to make her day a little brighter and a little easier, and make sure you stay positive: Focus on what she cando, not on what she can’t. Happy Mother’s Day!


Strong Clothes… or rather Clothes To Give You Strength

By Naomi Howard

There were so many tips to share with others that I had to pause and think which one to submit. After all, we are warriors and warriors help each other through the battle.

But even warriors get weary. Medical fatigue, they call it. I call it being sick of being sick and having to deal with cancer. And tired of being anxious about the tests and the results of tests. So where do I get my strength? One of the ways is through my "Courage Clothes."

"Courage Clothes" are items that I wear to give me strength to get through a test or a procedure. They make me strong and brave and tough, much tougher than what I am about to face. "Courage Clothes" give me confidence to face what is ahead. They include a shirt that says "giving up is not an option…;" mismatched socks (3 different socks, I choose the 2 to wear) that individually say Live, Laugh or Love; "nice" underwear to look special when undressed and my new favorite, a necklace and earring set handmade by 4 girls that I had never met but made especially as a gift from the heart for me.

It doesn’t require an investment of money but rather looking at all that you have and finding those things that give you strength, courage and peace to get through the rough times. Try it! Wear them! It really does work!

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