2012 Moms Got Glam Winners

Mom’s Got Glam Contest – Winning Entries 2012


A Wig of Hope and Glam!

By Jessica Ramsay-Lapointe

My mom who is 47 has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and acknowledging that she had to live the rest of her life with a bag in replace of her bladder changed her view of life. This new news hit her and everyone else hard and once she started chemotherapy it took all her energy from her as well as her self-esteem.

My mom started to lose her hair and now it is completely gone. Her hair like any women’s hair was her security blanket because with that she still felt feminine even though everything she was going through. Once she lost her hair that spark went out but I still thought she was beautiful no matter in what circumstance.

My mom’s image of herself changed when she got enough money saved up to buy a wig which only cost 200$ because it was on sale at a place nearby where I found that specializes in women going through cancer. Once my mom arrived home with that wig I knew she was happy again and back to herself. The way she smiled and how her eyes lit up and how all her energy was there while she paraded around to show me her wig and I all wanted to do was cry because I was so happy that she was happy again.

You may say that it is just a wig and a style solution but it was more than that. This wig was a symbol of hope, happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence and beauty; all aspects that my mother had before she found out that she had bladder cancer but did not show it until she got this wig. This wig was her way to feel beautiful and glamorous and not to be shy nor feel awkward in society because of her bald head. Her wig suits her perfectly and by her being happy she is even more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her.

I recommend everyone purchase a wig and see how good and beautiful you will look and feel! Like a person, a wig is different, unique and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes!!



By Leticia Croft-Holguin

My secret items that made me feel the glam again…Were Earring, long earring, every color a different pair every day, The Smokey eye! Who doesn’t feel glamorous when they are sporting a smokey eye!!! and last but not least a sense of humor! A sense of humor may be number one on my list!

When your world is out of control, you have to be able to put a twist on things!!! Hair gone, Eyebrows and eye lashes!!! and maybe even breasts! I still joke about my reconstruction…I tell people, "be careful walk slow past me, cause you know fines are double in a construction zone!" Or would joke about having to draw my eyebrows on and tell people, "Don’t make me draw on my angry eyebrows!"


Beat Treatment Blues with 33 Dresses

By Elissa Ashwood

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 during my baseline mammogram in January 2012. After surgery I faced 33 radiation treatments. Getting ready for this, I looked at my closet and wondered what one wears to radiation. My inner smart alec said, ‘it’s not like you wear a party dress.’ My inner rebel said, ‘oh yes, you do!"And so I decided right then that I would wear 33 dresses to my 33 treatments.

I wanted to share this with others and put up a website and a facebook page, and my best friend suprised me with a video to explain it all. From there, something special happened. As we posted our pictures, it felt better than we thought it would. What started as a good distraction for me became something a little more inspiring – I got this message today – "you have inspired a whole crowd of ladies who move through life happy enough but not always feeling their purpose. You have given us a collective purpose – supporting you while also connecting to the parts of ourselves we have left behind in the hectic pace of life..the parts we didn’t feel were special or important enough to celebrate. Each day is a gift and I hope to see you keep smiling with each new hill you have climbed." – Donna It’s still the first week of this project, but based on how good I feel, I’m declaring it a big success. I wrote on the page ‘Cancer can’t take away the kind of beautiful that comes from the inside out." I feel that’s true now more than ever.

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