Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day

  “Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Thank goodness for moms.”

Moms hold a very special place in our hearts. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to focus on celebrating her. For moms coping with cancer this spring, this may require some extra thought.

Popular Mother’s Day traditions like brunch in a nice restaurant or gifts of candy, perfume, and even flowers may not be ideal for a woman undergoing treatment. Often people experience side effects like nausea, appetite changes, fatigue, and a sensitivity to fragrances.

Each year, Cancer Be Glammed features five great gifts selected by the smart, loving mothers in our cancer community. With their help, here are our recommendations:

Fine Dining

The Cancer Fighting Cookbook (2nd edition) by Rebecca Katz. This terrific cookbook features 150 mouth-watering recipes, rich in nutrients, and specifically designed for people with cancer. We suggest preparing her a wonderful family dinner and enjoying it together. Bon Apetit!

Wrapped in Love

Surgery and treatment can throw women into premature menopause causing those annoying hot flashes. UGH! Help your mom control her inner thermostat with a beautiful lightweight wrap or poncho that is fashionable, easy to take on and off and port-accessible. Check out the stylish options from Wrapped in Love.

Safe “Fun in The Sun”

Summer is on its way with visions of sunny days, long walks and family picnics at the beach. Smart sun protection is a must for women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. These treatments can cause skin to become ultra-sun sensitive. Gift your mom with style-saavy sun protective clothing. From hats, swimwear, and cover-ups to sun dresses and golf shirts—Coolibar’s clothing has UPF 50+ sun protection built in. (Shine on!)

Fashionably Fit

Looking for a gift that is comfortable, stylish and ideal to wear inside and out of the chemo treatment room? Then gift mom with Reboundwear’s Celine Jacket. This versatile cover-up has strategically placed zippers to make dressing easy and smart. It is port accessible, adapts for limited arm movement, and is perfect for treatment, doctor’s visits and physical therapy.

Tea For Two

The most price-less gift that you can give your mom is spending time together. Imagine the two of you reminiscing while sipping a soothing, aromatic cup of tea. Gift your mom with a beautiful tea set. Help her ask one lump or two?

For more great gifts, check out Cancer Be Glammed’s Gift Guide. Happy Mother’s Day

To all of our moms! Thank you for being you.