It’s Snow Joke! Essential Winter Wear During Cancer Recovery

Cancer care doesn’t stop just because it’s winter. Oncology appointments, chemotherapy, and radiation demand that you head out the door despite the harsh cold. It is difficult to leave the house when it’s 10 degrees outside with a wind chill factor that makes it feel like it’s below zero! Here’s our solution–layering. The key to... Read More »

8 Things a Mom Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Should Know

Anyone who has had breast cancer will tell you they remember where they were when they got the news, but little else about what their doctor said immediately afterwards. I’m no exception. I was celebrating my 45th birthday—my kids were 10 and 12 and we’d recently moved from Maryland to Texas. There was no family... Read More »

A passion for bed fashion

If you think that bed jackets are old fashioned—then think again! This light-weight chenille bed jacket features a stylish hand-stitched ruffle and pocket. Following surgery or treatment, a soft, beautiful bed jacket is an ideal cover-up when entertaining family or friends from the comfort of your bed! Available in three colors To Shop