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Nowhere Hair

Must-Read: Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader

Explaining hair loss to a young child can be a challenge. It is often hard for children to understand that even though you look different on the outside, you are still the same mother they know and love on the inside. The book, Nowhere Hair, by cancer survivor Sue Glader can help get that conversation... Read More »
Happy Birthday Lisa

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. In the midst of finals, school picnics, graduations, camp shopping, intense (and often loud) summer family planning, June 24th only becomes real to me as the camp bus filled with my kids (and way too much luggage) turns and fades out of sight. June is not only the anniversary of my... Read More »
Make Your Own Pop Up Book

Make a “Playdate” With Your Kids

Being a mom can be challenging at the best of times. Even more so when battling treatment side effects like extreme fatigue. During that time, it was important to me to keep cancer from consuming my family life and to continue to give my daughters the time and attention they deserved. In addition, it was... Read More »
All Natural Deodorant

What All-Natural Deodorants Are Available?

It’s time to dig into the “Ask Ellen and Lisa” mailbag and answer a question we have received many emails about – all natural deodorants. For many years the debate has raged over whether aluminum in antiperspirant is safe, particularly for women fighting estrogen positive breast cancer. That’s a complicated question we can’t answer but... Read More »
Drains Be Gone

Drains be Gone!

If you are going to have breast surgery like a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction, or chest surgery, ask your doctor if you will require drains post surgery to remove excess fluid. Many women go home from the hospital with drain tubes & bulbs. One of the trickiest parts of dealing with drains is how to... Read More »
Lisa Getting Better With Age

Getting Better With Age

This April marks the fourth anniversary of my treatment for Breast Cancer. As I sat in my chair receiving chemo my outlook on the world was small. My concerns were narrow in focus and immediate. They mainly dealt with the day-to-day, even the moment to moment, centering around how I would feel, how my family... Read More »