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Moms Got Glam Competition

Mom’s Got Glam Contest!

Here are some little known facts about the word GLAM. It was first used in 1963. It has many definitions including Webster’s Dictionary, which defines Glam as extremely showy, to its appearance in the slang dictionary as the short version of glamorous. Their example,"Hey-that is a glam prom dress!" Clearly GLAM means different things to... Read More »
And The Winner Is

And the Winner is….

Today is an exciting day for Cancer Be Glammed. We are announcing the winners of our first Mother’s Day Contest, Mom’s Got Glam! Drum roll please- The winner of the Judges’ Award is Jessica Ramsey-Lapointe for her entry A Wig Of Hope And Glam. Fashion Designer Susan Farber and I chose Jessica’s entry because it... Read More »
Ellen Weiss Kander Retires

Cancer Be Glammed Co-Founder Ellen Weiss Kander Retires

Cancer Be Glammed, LLC announced today that President and Co-Founder Ellen Weiss Kander has retired. Her business partner Lisa Lurie, CEO and co-founder, assumes control of the company, and will continue growing Cancer Be Glammed, founded by the pair as a result of Ms. Lurie’s 2008 diagnosis and subsequent treatment and recovery from breast cancer.... Read More »
What The Doctor Didn't Order-2

What the Doctor Didn’t Order

Cancer Be Glammed Helps Women Recover in Comfort and Style By Mary Ann Miller, APR "If looking good and clothes and fashion are important to a woman before she’s diagnosed, they’re going to be very important to help her work through it." Charles E. Geyer, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.P., Director, Allegheny Cancer Center, Vice Chairman, Human... Read More »
The Jewish Chronicle

Pittsburgh women go online to service breast cancer patients

By Toby TabachnickTHE JEWISH CHRONICLE When a woman dealing with cancer loses her hair and her breasts, and becomes bloated from steroids, it can be hard to hold onto self-esteem, said Lisa Lurie, who was diagnosed two years ago with invasive ductal breast cancer at the age of 47. "Cancer makes you check your vanity... Read More »