Fashionable Radiation

Maria Lucas

Breast Cancer Survivor
Radiant Wrap Founder


The idea behind Radiant Wrap was to offer women an alternative patient gown to wear during radiation treatments to empower them to feel dignified and secure but mostly to feel beautiful during treatment and maintain their sense of style.

December 2014 marked my four-year survivorship! When I turned 50, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I opted for lumpectomy and radiation- and began treatment in early 2011.

During my six-week course of radiotherapy, I designed an alternative gown for women to wear during treatment. It just hit me hard- there had to be something better for us to wear, something that didn’t take away our femininity, something that didn’t make us feel sick, something that didn’t remind us every day that we have cancer!

Radiant Wrap was born- and we are proud that three years after conception, our gowns are part of the cancer program at thirty Hospitals and Cancer centers nationwide and to date we have provided nearly 3,000 Radiant Wraps to female Cancer patients.

We have also just begun a “Pay It Forward” program where we donate Wraps to organizations in order to help them raise funding or to gift to women in need.


RADIANT WRAP – Functional And Fashionable

Radiant Wrap has a unique wrap around design that completely covers a woman both back and front, yet has easy access to back and chest areas for treatment and exams.

What’s the need? We all know that regular hospital gowns are terrible! Your back and rear-end are exposed, you feel vulnerable, and worst of all you look and feel very much like a patient. Women with Breast Cancer deserve something better, and that’s why we created a flattering and stylish alternative to the regular hospital gown.

Radiant wrap is silky soft, stylish, fully functional, and best of all your back and rear are completely covered allowing for full comfort and dignity. Offered in beautiful, seasonal patterns and colors Radiant Wrap is made in a silky soft 100% Polyester Charmeuse, and is also very easy to wear; there is no Velcro, zippers, buttons or extraneous ties. Each gown comes with a matching carry bag for added convenience to and from treatment.

I know that Radiant Wrap would have never been conceived if I had not been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. But I also know that we can either let these events ruin us, or we can take the opportunity to turn them around and make something good out of it. This is my chance to give back, to share something with other women who are fighting this disease.

I draw inspiration from my mother, who now at eighty years old, still has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met, and still wears her lipstick! She has had her share of illness and misfortune, but she never let it take her smile away, and never stopped looking fabulous each and every day.

My hope is that every woman out there diagnosed with Breast Cancer and facing Radiation therapy has the opportunity to wear a Radiant Wrap and that it helps to make their treatment time just a bit more stylish!


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