Gorgeous You

Sitting in Dr. Campbell’s office with my husband waiting for the results of my biopsy it seemed impossible that this could be the turn my life was taking. This is a disease that strikes slightly older women, not 37 year old moms with carpools, homework, hockey games and life to attend to. This sort of thing doesn’t really happen to people you know…..and it certainly doesn’t happen to you. But there it was, spoken out loud, never to be taken back….words I will never forget. “Lori I am so sorry to tell you this but you have breast cancer.”

Going through a double mastectomy, chemo therapy, and radiation treatments I quickly learned one of the challenges is to find fashionable products that are comfortable and make us feel feminine: it is difficult finding sexy lingerie and stylish bathing suits to fit your post cancer-treatment body and the shopping experience can be very deflating.  That is why I started GorgeousYou.ca, with my dear friend Kendra Palazzi, who lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age.

Kendra Palazzi and Lori Futterer
Gorgeous You Co-Founders

We created GorgeousYou.ca to help women take back what is rightfully ours – dignity, femininity, style and comfort. GorgeousYou.ca is an online shop that provides cancer survivors with fashionable and functional clothing: beautiful, sexy, comfortable pieces such as bras, undies, hats, wraps, swimwear and more in an uplifting shopping environment. Trying to find the right gift for a loved one going through cancer can also be very challenging so at Gorgeous You we provide an extensive gift section to help with this. Many of the lines we carry have been created by survivors – for survivors. We also offer personal styling and fitting assistance via virtual fittings, phone or online chat, and free returns allowing women to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Cancer is hard enough; shopping for underwear and bras shouldn’t have to be. Cancer robs us of so much but it doesn’t take away who we are at our core – our soul, our spirit. And it shouldn’t strip us of our dignity or our right for things that are stylish, feminine, and sexy. When we shop, it should be playful not clinical, empowering not degrading, inspiring not deflating. We should have choice and an opportunity to remind ourselves that we are still Gorgeous.