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Cancer Is Exhausting – Tips to Rest & Recover

When most people are tired, its time for a little R&R. A chance to Rest & Relax.

When dealing with the extreme fatigue following surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, R & R takes on a whole new meaning. In my personal cancer dictionary- R & R means to Rest & Recover.
Fatigue is the number one reported side effect of treatment. It can be caused from a variety of sources but the bottom line is the same. Exhaustion, sheer exhaustion that can make doing everyday tasks feel like you just ran a marathon.

Getting a "restful" rest can be a challenge. For the most benefit out of your couch or bed time, create a comfortable, cozy, and calm environment that encourages your body to fully relax and allows your mind to be free of distractions. One key ingredient-a great pillow. Let’s indulge in some "pillow talk" to help you Rest & Recover.

1. Dress your pillows for success:

Choose fabrics that are soft and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Opt for thread counts from 300 and higher. If you are battling menopause, or have been thrown into it from chemotherapy, try a pillowcase made from wicking wear, a material that absorbs moisture to keep you cool and dry. Wear a wicking nightgown or robe for added "hot flash – keep cool" benefit.

2. Lounge around:

If you are lying down most of the day, or conducting many of your daily activities from your bed, add a bed lounge to your pillow repetoire. The bed lounge featured on our website was designed by a doctor, is adjustable for back and neck support, and has side pockets for that all important remote!

3. Recover with recovery pillows:

If you are recovering from breast, chest or shoulder surgery, or have sore muscles or ribs opt for the "Rest Easy" support cushion. This cushion was designed by a breast cancer survivor to relieve arm and shoulder pain and to keep sensitive skin, incisions, and body parts from rubbing.

Shop for these products on our website under Rest & Recover. O.K. now I need a nap.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Lisa Lurie, Co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed. Cancer Be Glammed was born from my own struggle to hang onto my confidence & self-esteem following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am passionate about providing women (with all forms of cancer) with easy access to great recovery products, style options and solutions. I found that looking better on the outside, helped me feel better on the inside.