Defending Your Life (Style)

Everyone deals with a cancer diagnosis in their own way. One of the things I found very difficult was that once I had lost my hair from chemotherapy, my private cancer became very public.

Holding onto my “sense of self” or self esteem during physically altering treatment was challenging.

Determined not to slide further into an emotional black hole, I concentrated on battling the side effects of treatment, (in my case- bald, breast-less, bloated from steroids, to name a few) the best way I could. From my experience I learned that when I looked better on the outside, it made me feel better on the inside. And it went a long way to reassuring my family that “I may be down…but I sure wasn’t out!”

It was from Ellen’s and my desire (and determination) to help other women prepare for the twists and turns of a cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment that Cancer Be Glammed was born. I recently wrote an article called, Defending Your Life (Style) that was published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It features some of the things that I did to make me feel better, and get me through. Blog us with a comment and share your tips on the things that worked (or work) for you.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

To check it out:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: First Person by Lisa Lurie – Defending My (Life) Style

About the Author

Hi, my name is Lisa Lurie, Co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed. Cancer Be Glammed was born from my own struggle to hang onto my confidence & self-esteem following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am passionate about providing women (with all forms of cancer) with easy access to great recovery products, style options and solutions. I found that looking better on the outside, helped me feel better on the inside.