Wicking Pajamas

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Sweet (Not Sweat) Dreams

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never cared for pie."
– Tenneva Jordan

Generous. Kind. Patient. Loving.

These are some of the attributes we think of when we hear the word mom. As a mother of two, I hope my children would describe me like this. But during the times that I am sweating, flushed, overtired and cranky from menopause symptoms (chemo-induced menopause in my case), I don’t feel like being any of these things.

Nighttime is the often the worst for most menopausal women. Night sweats and hot flashes can lead to many sleepless nights. This year for Mother’s Day, help your mother or wife keep her cool (literally). A stylish nightgown, or glam pajamas made from wicking wear fabric makes a great gift. Wicking wear fabric is designed to draw moisture away from the skin to keep it cool & dry.

Whether your special mom prefers a wicking caftan nightshirt, nightgown with flutter sleeves or a pair of button down pajamas, (great post-surgery) check out the many styles we feature. And to top off this unique gift, add a wicking pillowcase. Cooler, dryer, and comfier, your mom will be set to snuggle down for a cuddle with you and the kids. Sweet dreams!

Image courtesy of Cool Jams wicking sleepwear and bedding

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Hi, my name is Lisa Lurie, Co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed. Cancer Be Glammed was born from my own struggle to hang onto my confidence & self-esteem following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am passionate about providing women (with all forms of cancer) with easy access to great recovery products, style options and solutions. I found that looking better on the outside, helped me feel better on the inside.