cancer clothing

    Healing Threads fuses fashion with function to produce garments that are practical yet dignified and fashionable. Versatile tops can be worn in the hospital instead of a gown; feature pockets for drains, and even let you prepare for treatments without having to disrobe. Additional items include a shirt for bone marrow or stem cell transplants and break-away pants.

    The Brobe offers a variety of gift sets ideal for post-op recovery from breast, lung and heart surgery. Bundles include items like thermal comfort contour pillows, hot and cold packs, drain management belts, and the all-in-one recovery robe, the Brobe.

    Hats, pre-tied scarves, turbans, beanies, and sleep caps are just a few of the many types of head coverings and accessories you’ll find at Hats, Scarves And More.

    Chemo Diva halo wigs create the illusion that you have a full head of hair. Use your own hair attached to a halo with different styles of hats. Styles include hats, baseball caps, scarves and even swim caps. Find out how you can use your own hair.

    Bagallini bags make order beautiful. Multiple styles include totes, crossbody, messenger bags, and accessories that are lightweight and washable.

    Chemo Beanies were designed by two sisters who had breast cancer. Chemo beanies are easy to slip on, provide fashionable head and neck coverage, and come in stylish colors, prints and ruffles.

    Apply Exclusive 10% CBG Discount: Use code GLAM10 upon check out on Chemo Beanie’s website.

    Soft hats designed specifically for hair loss. Scarf pad for under the hat creates volume for a more natural appearance. Hat fabrics and styles are seasonal for added comfort.

    Ostomy surgery doesn’t mean you have to give up the clothes you love or compromise your style. ConvaTec offers product and lifestyle solutions to keep you fashionable and informed. From everyday tips, to relationships and more, their unique me+™ program provides support every step of the way.


    A great selection of scarves at discount prices. Transform your outfits by adding a chevron, infinity, or metallic scarf, or a face-framing turban. Website includes tips to help you become a scarf-tying master!

    Beautiful sophisticated headwear, turbans, and hats from casual to dressy, including bridal headpieces. Located in the UK—Suburban Turban ships worldwide.

    Unique, handmade artisan jewelry and fabulous accessories including belts, stitched hats, fun socks, wraps, fashion scarves and footwear!

    Turban Divas or Titillating Turbans features turbans, turban sets, scarves, exercise hats, hats with hair, accessories, and more. Tying videos are available on their website.

    Brighten up the chemo room with Vera Bradley totes, bags, and accessories. Available in multiple styles and patterns for every occasion, there’s even a glam lunch bag to keep your chemo treats cool.

    Jewelry, watches, and leather accessories including handbags are a few of Zia Moda’s glam accessories. Beautiful Italian scarves and wraps will keep you impeccably styled.

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