From Cancer Despair To Hope: 10 Helpful Tips

1) Tune Out the Negative. When I was ill, I stopped watching, reading the newspapers, researching about the bleak statistics of cancer and/or surrounding myself with anyone who doubted I would not survive. Anything negative was cut out of my life. 2) Tune Up the Positive. I began reading books that inspired me, I listened... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Caring for A Family Member with Coronavirus

On March 17th, my twenty-year old daughter Gillian tested positive for the Coronavirus. We immediately quarantined her in our home. My husband Brian and I went into isolation as we struggled with the urgent problem of how to care for Gillian while continuing to keep ourselves well. We were up-to-date regarding the spread of the... Read More »

It’s Snow Joke! Essential Winter Wear During Cancer Recovery

Cancer care doesn’t stop just because it’s winter. Oncology appointments, chemotherapy, and radiation demand that you head out the door despite the harsh cold. It is difficult to leave the house when it’s 10 degrees outside with a wind chill factor that makes it feel like it’s below zero! Here’s our solution–layering. The key to... Read More »

Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Gifts For Your Valentine During Treatment

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and before you dig deep for that 2lb. chocolate heart, consider “sharing the love” another way. Often women undergoing treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, experience changes in taste and smell. These can include sensitivity to odors, nausea or a metallic taste. Surprise her this year with one of... Read More »

Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day

  “Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Thank goodness for moms.” Moms hold a very special place in our hearts. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to focus on celebrating her. For moms coping with cancer this spring, this may require some extra... Read More »