Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day

  “Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Thank goodness for moms.” Moms hold a very special place in our hearts. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to focus on celebrating her. For moms coping with cancer this spring, this may require some extra... Read More »

Breaking Bald: Caring For Chemo Hair Loss

Chemotherapy related hair loss is shocking. While some women feel better taking control and shave hair off pre-treatment, others prefer to let it fall out naturally. Either way for most women, being bald is a new experience. When my hair fell-out, I took my despair and frustration out on my cluttered shower. Into the trash... Read More »

The Osto Beauties

The Osto Beauties have all experienced different life altering medical conditions (cancer and ulcerative colitis), which caused us to be PERMANENTLY left with ostomy. We have to deal with medical circumstances for the rest of our life. Truth is some of them are still dealing with various issues now. We have been through rough times... Read More »