Cancer Be Glammed’s Top 5 Gifts For Your Valentine During Treatment

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and before you dig deep for that 2lb. chocolate heart, consider “sharing the love” another way. Often women undergoing treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, experience changes in taste and smell. These can include sensitivity to odors, nausea or a metallic taste. Surprise her this year with one of... Read More »

Wrapped In Love

Wrapped in Love was inspired by my mom when she was in the hospital before she passed away.  It was Christmas Eve and she said she didn’t want to have any more visitors as she felt she looked too bad in her state of illness.  I felt helpless.  I decided to go home and make... Read More »
Solstice Tea Set

Tea-rrific For Your Health

It’s a soothing pleasure…to relax with an aromatic, flavorful cup of tea. And here’s the great news.While you’re relaxing, your tea is hard at work. Studies have shown that tea might even help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Other benefits include: Improves cardiovascular health Protects the immune system Helps you gain a calmer yet... Read More »
Sleepmaster Sleep Mask

Sleep Enhancers

Research shows that women with cancer are more restless at night and the body’s basic circadian rhythms that control our sleepiness and wakefulness aren’t different enough, meaning you can often feel a little asleep and a little awake. Here are some techniques that may help battle this inner confusion. Warm Bath – A warm bath... Read More »
Sleepmaster Sleep Mask

Put Your Sleepless Nights To Rest

Sweet dreams are often hard to come by during cancer treatment. Restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, steroids, chemo, and more are just a few of the culprits that can have you tossing and turning, watching the clock all night, and exhausted when healing rest is one of the things you need the most. Marian, a friend of... Read More »