Beating Chemo Brain

Tips To Outsmart “Chemo Brain”

It’s an unhappy fact; "chemo brain" is real and it’s a pain. If you’re used to multi-tasking at work and home, and you’re the go-to person for upcoming events, activities and information, that may have to change. Chemotherapy is likely to impact your ability to recall everyday information and concentrate on specific tasks. Using planners... Read More »
Britta Aragon

When Cancer Hits

"Cancer will bring about a change, but the nature of the change is up to you."-Britta Aragon Cancer is hard at any age, but Britta Aragon was only 16 when she received her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease. She emerged from treatment healthy, confident and lovely, but knew she was not the same person she was... Read More »
Lymphedivas &

Resource Alert: Managing Cancer.Org

One of the most amazing things about the cancer world is that so many people, their family and friends, dust themselves off following their own struggles and turn their experiences into ways to benefit others. Some of the most useful and inventive recovery products that Ellen and I have found were designed by survivors who... Read More »