Fashionable Radiation

Maria Lucas Breast Cancer Survivor Radiant Wrap Founder   The idea behind Radiant Wrap was to offer women an alternative patient gown to wear during radiation treatments to empower them to feel dignified and secure but mostly to feel beautiful during treatment and maintain their sense of style. December 2014 marked my four-year survivorship! When... Read More »

"Un" Robed

Robes are the unsung heros of our closets. From hard working terry cloth (post shower, bath or swim) to velour, flannel, cotton, fleece and even cashmere to keep us cozy, covered and warm. Today, the fabric and style options are endless. To "un" robe the mystery of finding the perfect robe following surgery or during... Read More »
Hooded Robes

Entertaining From the Comfort of Your Bed!

Taking time to recover and relax is an essential part of maintaining your personal style. No one can look their best without rest! Many women don’t anticipate how tired they’ll feel after chemo treatments, since the meds zap your red blood cells, leaving you wiped out. We have some secret weapons to help you weather... Read More »