Glowing Skin Cream

Get Glow-ing! By Skin Care Expert: Britta Aragon

StyleList calls not taking enough care of our skin, “one of the worst beauty mistakes a woman can make during the winter.” Bitter cold days, indoor heat, and overly hot showers can damage and dry out skin. Damaged and dry, flaky, irritated skin is often already a problem for women undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. So... Read More »
All Natural Deodorant

What All-Natural Deodorants Are Available?

It’s time to dig into the “Ask Ellen and Lisa” mailbag and answer a question we have received many emails about – all natural deodorants. For many years the debate has raged over whether aluminum in antiperspirant is safe, particularly for women fighting estrogen positive breast cancer. That’s a complicated question we can’t answer but... Read More »
Skin Deep Skincare

Skin Deep

Shop Now Skin care takes on extra importance when you are going through treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy reduces the oil in your skin, and it can become irritated, flakey and dry. (nice-huh?) Choosing skin care products that are alcohol and chemical free are a must. Three key steps to protecting and nurturing your skin are:... Read More »