Veronica Brett Swimwear

In The Swim: Mastectomy Style

The first sign of summer following my double mastectomy filled me with dread. As happy as I was to say goodbye to winter snow, the thought of mastectomy swimwear made my blood run cold. I had just gotten used to wearing a mastectomy bra and breast forms and now I had to confront a new... Read More »
Coolibar Titanium Umbrella

Portable Protection – Come Rain or Come Shine.

Shop Now This titanium umbrella from Coolibar keeps you dry during a sudden cloud burst and then protects you from harmful rays when the sun comes back out. Sun protection is always important but even more so during radiation or chemotherapy. This umbrella is lightweight and portable so protection is always close at hand. Ellen... Read More »
Sleepmaster Sleep Mask

Sleep Enhancers

Research shows that women with cancer are more restless at night and the body’s basic circadian rhythms that control our sleepiness and wakefulness aren’t different enough, meaning you can often feel a little asleep and a little awake. Here are some techniques that may help battle this inner confusion. Warm Bath – A warm bath... Read More »

Chemotherapy or Menopause making you feel wick-ed?

Hot-cold-hot-cold, the scourge of menopause (or as we say, chemo-pause) can turn your night into a nightmare. Trying to deal with your raging internal thermostat is exhausting. Here’s a fabric/clothing tip that will help you keep your cool. It’s called wicking wear. Clothes made with wicking wear fabrics draw moisture away from your skin and... Read More »
Beach Cover Up

Safe Fun in the Sun

For most of us, exposure to the harmful rays of the sun is always a concern. But if you are going through radiation or chemotherapy, it is essential to treat your skin with special care. It is not always possible to stay out of the sun, (besides who wants too?!) Today, there are products, other... Read More »
Lisa & Coolibar

Sun Protection "To-Go"

Protecting yourself from the harsh rays of the sun is even more challenging if you have skin made ultra-sun sensitive from radiation or chemotherapy. I finished my chemotherapy just as summer was heating up. Determined to head outdoors, I discovered Coolibar, a fantastic company whose clothing and products have sun protection (and style!) built right... Read More »