Lisa Getting Better With Age

Getting Better With Age

This April marks the fourth anniversary of my treatment for Breast Cancer. As I sat in my chair receiving chemo my outlook on the world was small. My concerns were narrow in focus and immediate. They mainly dealt with the day-to-day, even the moment to moment, centering around how I would feel, how my family... Read More »
Lisa & Ellen Style Guide

Steal Back Your Style

My mother Gloria, who battled Lung Cancer, used to say, "Cancer is a thief. It robs you of so much. " Ten years later, I found myself voicing these same words as I dealt with the day-to-day reality of my own treatment for Breast Cancer. Shortly following my diagnosis, I underwent a double mastectomy and... Read More »

Defending Your Life (Style)

Everyone deals with a cancer diagnosis in their own way. One of the things I found very difficult was that once I had lost my hair from chemotherapy, my private cancer became very public. Holding onto my “sense of self” or self esteem during physically altering treatment was challenging. Determined not to slide further into... Read More »
Cupid V Cancer

Valentine’s Day Romance During Cancer Recovery

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of a romantic night filled with dinner for two, drinks, and special gifts. When I was recovering from chemotherapy my idea of a romantic night was putting on my favorite pajamas and sleep cap, snuggling in bed with my husband Brian and if I was feeling particularly loving, letting him... Read More »
Time For Rejuvenation

Time for Rejuvenation

The New Year — Time for Rejuvenation! If you’re going through treatment and one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise when you feel up to it, here are some great suggestions from the doctors at WebMD. Not only can exercise chase away the winter blues and reduce fatigue, there is also evidence to... Read More »
Cancer Be Glammed Welcome

Welcome to the Cancer be Glammed blog!

Welcome to Cancer be Glammed.For women who want to stay stylish (dare we say hip?) pampered, and informed during cancer treatment and recovery. Cancer be Glammed was born from the concept that a cancer diagnosis shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, comfort, and, most importantly, your self-esteem. We could rant about Lisa’s breast cancer... Read More »